How To Install MySQL Database Server On Windows 7

Step by step manual installation :

  1. Install MySQL Database Server.

 Installation MySQL Database Server

  1. Double click the installer (*.msi file, example : mysql-installer-, you will see there are three main options :
    • Install MySQL Products – The Installation Wizard.
    • About MySQL – Learn about MySQL products and features.
    • Resources – Information to help install and configure MySQL.
    and then click the link “Install MySQL Product”.
  2. Check the checkbox “I accept the the license terms”, and then click the “Next >” button.
  3. In the window “MySQL Installer – Find Latest Product” Check the checkbox “Skip the check for updates (not recommended)”, and then click the “Next >” button.
  4. In the window “MySQL Installer – Setup Type”,
    • Click the radio button “Developer Default”,
    • On dialog “Installation Path” click the “…” button, and navigate to “DnDAMPP” directory under drive “C:” (example : “C:DnDAMPPMySQL”),
    and then click the “Next >” button.
  5. On the next window “MySQL Installer – Check Requirements”, and then click the “Next >” button.
  6. On the next window “MySQL Installer – Installation”, you will be able to view a list of the MySQL components that are scheduled to be installed. Click the “Execute” button to install MySQL components.
  7. The next step wait for the finished installation.
  8. After finished installation, the next step is configuration.
    1. You can watch the progress of this step in the “MySQL Installer – Configuration” window, and then click the “Next >” button.
    2. On the next window “MySQL Installer – MySQL Server Configuration”, click the radio button “Developer Machine”, and then click the “Next >” button.
    3. Next, choose your basic Network, Windows, and Security Settings, and then click the “Next >” button.
  9. To complete the installation process click the “Finish” button. You should see a window that looks like this :
  10. To ensure that the MySQL installation has been done can work well, and then the next step open your MySQL Command Line Client. To open MySQL Command Line Client Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> MySQL -> MySql Server 5.5 -> MySQL 5.5 Command Line Client.
  11. If you have seen window “MySQL 5.5 Command Line Client”, type your password in dialog “Enter password” and press the button enter on the keyboard. If you will see the below page , then your MySQL works fine.
* … Good Luck ! … *

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