How To Install Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin On Windows 7

Install all the software needed to run a PHP + MySQL enabled web server on your Microsoft Windows 7 or later version.
Requirements :
  1. Apache 2.2.1 or Latest version
  2. PHP 5.3 or Latest version
  3. MySQL 5.5.17 or Latest version
  4. PhpMyAdmin 3.4.7 or Latest version
Directory Structure Assumption :
  1. Create a new directory “DnDAMPP” in drive “C: ”. This directory will be used as a place to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin.
  2. The directory structure will be as shown below :
Step by step manual installation :
  1. Requirements & Directory Structure Assumption
Directory To Save The Program PHP and MySQL :
  1. MySQL

    If you create databases and tables with MySQL, then by default your database will be stored in a directory “C:Program DataMySQLMySQL Server 5.5data”.

  2. PHP

    If you create a program with PHP, so can be run on localhost, then it must be stored in “.. htdocs” directory.


Alternate you can download all step in PDF file:
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