Update Intel Graphics Card Drivers for Linux Ubuntu 14.04

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1. Introduction

Intel Graphics Installer let you get driver updates directly from Intel for best performance, Intel is known for developing quality drivers for Linux operating system.

Current OTC graphics work covers a broad range of efforts and projects, such as:

  • Kernel driver is the core of the Intel Linux Graphics project, responsible for: all interactions with the hardware, driving different video outputs, mode setting, and converting bits into on-screen visible pixels
  • Mesa is the library responsible for 3D rendering, OpenGL compatibility, GLES, and all the 3d-related components of Graphics on Linux and Unix systems
  • XF86-Video-Intel, also known as DDX, is the driver responsible for the 2D rendering within the X window system
  • LibDRM is the middleware responsible for conversations between user applications and kernel driver, itself
  • Cairo Graphics is the 2D rendering and acceleration library
  • VA API is the part of the stack responsible for hardware-accelerated video rendering, pre- and post-processing and output
  • Wayland is the ongoing research project on next generation of window systems and composers

(Intel Open Source Technology Center)

2. Installation

  1. Download Intel(R) Graphics Installer 1.0.6 for Linux* from https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads
  2. Install Intel(R) Graphics Installer 1.0.6 for Linux*, enter the following command (you will be prompted to enter your root user’s password before the command will execute):
    dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo dpkg -i intel-linux-graphics-installer_1.0.6-0intel1_amd64.deb
  3. The installation process is now completed, and you should have icons for the Intel Graphics Installer for Linux in your desktop’s Applications/System Tools menu.
  4. To run update click the Begin button.

Good Luck ! <DnD>

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