E-book Reader (FBReader) – Viewing chm File In Ubuntu

Supports several open e-book formats: fb2, html, chm, plucker, palmdoc, ztxt, tcr (psion text), rtf, oeb, openreader, non-DRM’ed mobipocket, plain text.

Installation from the repository:

  1. Add the following lines to “/etc/apt/sources.list” :
    dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    Add :

    deb http://www.fbreader.org/desktop/debian stable main 
    deb-src http://www.fbreader.org/desktop/debian stable main

  2. Run :
    dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get update

  3. Install libzlui-qt :
    dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get install libzlui-qt

  4. Install FBReader :
    dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get install fbreader

Good Luck …!

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