chm2pdf – Convert CHM Files To PDF Files in Ubuntu

A Python script that converts CHM files into PDF files

Convert CHM files to PDF files. This package supports batch conversion, command line, PDF security options, password protection, and compression modes. The program has an Explorer-like interface.

Home Page :

Install :

dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get install libchm-bin htmldoc python-chm chm2pdf

How to convert CHM to PDF :

sample (outputting an A4 PDF document, with ToC, images, links etc.):

dnd@riyaniezt:~$ chm2pdf --webpage sample.chm

See all options :

dnd@riyaniezt:~$ man chm2pdf 


dnd@riyaniezt:~$ chm2pdf --help | less
Good Luck…!

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