How To Install Google Play on Genymotion 2.0 or Latest Version


Release date :

  • Genymotion 2.0.0 has been released November 13, 2013.
  • Genymotion 2.0.1 has been released November 14, 2013.

New Feature :

  • New Android Version (4.3),
  • New Remote Control widget,
  • New Screencast widget,
  • Support as well as new features such as drag & drop to copy files and APKs to the virtual device.
  • Etc.

Genymotion is a complete set of tools that provides a virtual environment for Android. It can be very useful for developers, testers, salesman or even gamers (

Operating Systems Support :

  • Linux (All Linux OS),
  • Microsoft Windows, and
  • MacOS X.

Problem :

Unfortunately, two features were removed from the latest Genymotion 2.0, due to licensing issues: ARM library support and Google Apps (Google Play Store).

So I have a solution for you!

  1. In Genymotion create a new device (Ex : Nexus S 4.2.2 API 17).
  2. Download Google Apps (Universal package) zip file from (Ex : For my virtual device I used the latest Universal package (20130301).
  3. Start the virtual device and once it is up and running drag and drop the zip file in the Genymotion virtual machine.
  4. Next step, you will get a file flashable dialog click the “ok” button. Then restart the machine and Google Play Store and the other Google apps should be installed:

* … Good Luck ..! … *

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