How To Configure VPN Client Connection On My OS / Ubuntu 12.04 Linux

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Many companies and universities (and some home users) run a ‘local area network’ (LAN) in their buildings, where many computers are connected together so that employees or students can share resources (printers, shared files, etc.). The people running these networks do not want the public (that is, the rest of the internet) to have access to their local network – considered private – so they secure it. The outside world can then not ‘see in’ (though the people on the local network can generally see out!).

VPN – ‘virtual private network’ – is a technology that allows a user physically outside the private network to bring themselves virtually inside it, thus gaining access to all of the resources that would be available were the user physically inside the network.


VPN Client Configuration

  1. On the window “Network Connection”, Then select the “VPN” Tab and click the “Add” button.
  2. If you have seen window “Choose a VPN Connection Type”, click the “Create …” button.
  3. Next step, on the window “Editing”, these are its sections explained:
    1. Connection Name: This is just a name for you to identify the VPN connection you can name it whatever you prefer.
    2. Gateway: This is the external IP address of the VPN you are connecting to. (e.g. your workplace, etc.)
    3. Username and Password: Enter Username and password of the VPN network you are connecting to.
    4. NT Domain: This is the domain name of the network you are connecting to. Some NT domains require you to enter .local following the domain name. Make sure you try this if you connection does not work. Meaning if your domain name is ntdomain try it as both ntdomain and as ntdomain.local

    After finished your configuration, click the “Save…” button.

Access Your VPN Connection

You should be able to connect to this VPN by clicking the wireless icon at the system tray.

Good Luck … !


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