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TweetDeck Alternative For Linux

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Now, The latest TweetDeck (version => 1.0) not support for linux operating systems. Because Twitter ditched Adobe AIR as it’s runtime platform and become a native running application.

TweetDeck currently only supports Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download :

  1. TweetDeck for Microsoft Windows (*.msi)
  2. TweetDeck for Mac OS (*.dbg)

Alternative for linux :

  1. Install TweetDeck with Chrome (Web Browser)
  2. Install TweetDeck with Adobe Air (for TweetDeck 0.38.2 or previous version)
  3. Install TweetDeck (latest version) with Wine Emulator
    1. Install wine <- Click on this link
    2. Download TweetDeck (latest version) for Microsoft Windows (*.msi)
    3. Install TweetDeck under Wine Emulator

By : DnD ~ Hanya Ingin Berbagi

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