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Pinta – Drawing/Editing Image Alternative GIMP and Adobe Photoshop

Pinta is a free, open source drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET.

Its goal is to provide a simplified alternative to GIMP and Adobe Photoshop for casual users.

Pinta is a simple yet powerful way to draw and manipulate images on Linux, Mac, and Windows (multiplatform).

Home Page : http://pinta-project.com

Feature :

  • Drawing Tools
  • Full History
  • Unlimited Layers
  • Adjustments and Effects
  • Bi-Tri-Quad-Lingual
  • Your Workspace

How To Install :

Ubuntu :
At the command line run the following

dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:moonlight-team/pinta
dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get update
dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get install pinta

Or manual download from PPA Launchpad -> https://launchpad.net/pinta

Windows :
Download all packages required : -> http://pinta-project.com/download.ashx

  1. Gtk# version 2.12.9 or greater
  2. Pinta

Screenshot :

*… Good Luck …*

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