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Install UML Case Tool For NetBeans IDE ( Windows 7 & Ubuntu)

UML Case Tools

  • Lots of UML Case Tools that can be used to create UML, bothOpen Source, Free, licensed (Full & Trial).
  • UML Case Tools
    • Specific applications that are used to create UML
    • Examples : Enterprise Architect, Rational Roose, Etc
  • IDE
    • Must add the plugin to be used to create UML
    • Examples : NetBeans, Eclipse, Etc


NetBeans IDE

Step by step installation

Step 1 : JDK & NetBeans IDE

  1. JDK
  2. NetBeans IDE

Step 2 : Open The NetBeans IDE

  • To open the NetBeans IDE
    • Microsoft Windows : Star Menu → All Programs → NetBeans → NetBeans IDE 6.7.1
    • Ubuntu Linux : Menu Applications → Development → NetBeans 6.7.1

Step 3 : UML Plugins Installation

  • Open the menu : Tools → Plugins.
  • Then, as the Plugins window looks :
    • Open Tab → Available Plugins → then click the Reload Catalog button.
    • Search Plugins → UML → Then check list.
    • Next click the Install button.
  • You will see the NetBeans IDE Installer window, then click the Next button.
  • Next put a check list on the “I accept the terms in all of license agreement” to approve the license. Then click the Install button.
  • Furthermore, wait until the download and installation process is complete.
  • After the installation is complete, click the Finish button and restart NetBeans IDE to perform the update.

Step 4: Creating a New UML Project

  • Open the menu File → New Project.
  • Next on the New Project window, select:
    • Choose Project → Categories: UML
    • Choose Project → Categories: Java-Platform Model
    • Next click the button Next>.
  • Next on the window of New Java-Platform Model, the Name and Locations :
    • Project Name: Replace with the name UML_Project1_Latihan or can be left.
    • Project Location: By default “C: Users DND Documents NetBeansProjects” or can be changed to another folder.
    • Project Folder: Ignore.
    • Next click the Finish button.
  • Next on the Create New Diagram window, select :
    • Diagram Type: Use Case Diagram.
    • Diagram Name: Can be changed or left the default.
    • And further click the Finish button.


  • You will see the window of NetBeans IDE and the project created earlier as shown below.

Enterprise Architect

  • Klik this link for view tutorial :


* …Good Luck !… *
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