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How to fix ubuntu 12.04 desktop Error (gfxmode)

If an error occurs at boot time on ubuntu 12.04, with a message like the following:

“unknown command ‘gfxmode’. Pressing any key continues”

Sollution :

  1. You must erase or add the pound symbol (#) before the line ‘gfxmode \$linux_gfx_mode’.

    dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo -i
    [sudo] password for dnd:
    root@riyaniezt:~#  gedit /etc/grub.d/proxifiedScripts/linux

  2. After your save file linux conf, update grub with the command

    root@riyaniezt:~# update-grub

  3. After the update is complete, reboot your system

    root@riyaniezt:~# reboot

* … Good Luck ! … *

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