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Ebook : Beginning Ubuntu Linux From Novice to Professional

Panduan lengkap Ubuntu Linux dari dasar sampai master …

Keir Thomas
Apress 2006 (610 Pages)
ISBN-13 (pbk): 978-1-59059-627-2
ISBN-10 (pbk): 1-59059-627-7

Table Of Contents


PART 1 Introducing the World of Linux
CHAPTER 1 Welcome!
CHAPTER 2 A History and Politics Lesson
CHAPTER 3 The Realities of Running Linux

PART 2 Installing Ubuntu
CHAPTER 4 Preinstallation Steps
CHAPTER 5 Installing Ubuntu
CHAPTER 6 Solving Installation Problems

PART 3 The No-Nonsense Getting Started Guide
CHAPTER 7 Booting Ubuntu for the First Time
CHAPTER 8 Getting Everything Up and Running
CHAPTER 9 How to Secure Your Computer
CHAPTER 10 Personalizing Ubuntu: Getting Everything Just Right
CHAPTER 11 Ubuntu Replacements for Windows Programs
CHAPTER 12 Managing Your Files

PART 4 The Shell and Beyond
CHAPTER 13 Introducing the BASH Shell
CHAPTER 14 Understanding Linux Files and Users
CHAPTER 15 Working with Text Files
CHAPTER 16 Taking Control of the System
CHAPTER 17 Cool Shell Tricks

PART 5 Multimedia
CHAPTER 18 Digital Music
CHAPTER 19 Movies and Multimedia
CHAPTER 20 Image Editing

PART 6 Office Tasks
CHAPTER 21 Making the Move to OpenOffice.org
CHAPTER 22 OpenOffice.org Overview
CHAPTER 23 In Depth: Writer
CHAPTER 24 In Depth: Calc
CHAPTER 25 In Depth: Impress
CHAPTER 26 In Depth: Base
CHAPTER 27 In Depth: Evolution
CHAPTER 28 Running Microsoft Office Under Ubuntu

PART 7 Keeping Your System Running
CHAPTER 29 Installing Software
CHAPTER 30 Managing Users
CHAPTER 31 Optimizing Your System
CHAPTER 32 Backing Up Data
CHAPTER 33 Scheduling Tasks
CHAPTER 34 Accessing Computers Remotely

Download :

Beginning Ubuntu Linux From Novice to Professional <- Klik Link Ini Untuk Download.

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