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Ailurus – Easy and Simple Utility For Ubuntu

Ailurus is an application which aims at telling users Ubuntu enhancement tricks. It puts tricks in tool-tip text and “Tip of the day” window. It also provides following functionality.

Feature :

  1. Display information about BIOS, motherboard, CPU and battery.
  2. Change some GNOME settings.
  3. Install/remove some applications which are not provided in the official Ubuntu apt repository.
  4. Detect the speed of apt mirrors and find the fastest one.
  5. Enable/disable some third party repositories.

Home page : http://tdt.sjtu.edu.cn/ailurus/

Install : 

dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus
dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get update
dnd@riyaniezt:~$ sudo apt-get install ailurus

Screenshot :

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